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    Water Cooler with CD & CA series

    PC cooling solutions manufacturer Cryorig is launching its new generation of liquid coolers, the CD40 CD60, in May 2024!

    The CD series device adopts PWM pump and LCD programmable system. It is designed for the majority of water cooling enthusiasts. It can arrange the display frequency content according to their own preferences. 480X480 pixel resolution, more than 16.7 million colors, can be customized and personalized. Content, master real-time display of CPU/GPU temperature and other information.
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    CF120 PWM 3in1 Fan & CM120 PWM 3 in 1 Fan With 6 ports PWM HUB

    Cryorig introduces a new generation of ARGB system fans, model CF 120 with vibration absorbing pads and FDB bearing system to provide stable and precise operation to eliminate excess vibration and noise, PWM speed range of 500~2000 RPM, allowing users to set the most suitable speed parameters through the motherboard, and the noise is controlled at 23.6dB(a) Air flow 55.7 9CFN
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    CRYORIG Releases the CX6 CPU COOLER

    The C6 Twin-Tower Cooler
    Cryorig places 6 heat pipes inside the fin modules, and with the support of an addressable, noiseless fan, you can push the cooling efficacy to extreme.
    The C6 Twin-Tower Cooler was designed after Anemoi, the wind god in ancient Greek. The cooler directs a continuous flow of air to the fins, transmitting the CPU’s heat from pure copper base to high-efficacy heat pipes. With a tightly connected pressed fin heatsink, the heat can be transmitted through a wide cooling area, which cools down the system in a flash and reaches thermal equilibrium.
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    CRYORIG Updates QF120 System Fans with LED Variants

    First released together with the acclaimed H7 heatsink, the QF120 system fans series is now getting a LED upgrade. This new line of white LED based system fans is based on CRYORIG’s innovative QF120 Series. Like the original QF120 it comes in three different models each with different RPM ranges, ranging from 200-1000 RPM in the QF120 LED Silent, 330-1600 RPM with the QF120 LED Balance, and 600-2200 RPM on the QF120 LED Performance.
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    CRYORIG Enters Case Market With the Taku Monitor Stand ITX Case

    08.11.2017 Taipei, Taiwan – After first announcing the Taku in Computex 2016, PC Cooling and peripherals innovator CRYORIG is releasing the Taku PC monitor stand ITX case. The Taku has been in development for over 2 Years in house, with over 1 year of co-development with manufacturing partner Lian Li. The Taku is finally releasing after a brief appearance on Kickstart during the Summer. Although unsuccessful as a Kickstarter project the Taku gained enough popularity and initial backers for CRYORIG to continue developing the Taku and push for a product launch. The Taku will first be released in the USA, Japan and Taiwan beginning in December. All original Kickstarter backers will be given the option to pre-order and are guaranteed to receive a unit before the end of December including a free CRYORIG C7.
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    CRYORIG Introduces the Taku Kickstarter Campaign

    CRYORIG, the PC Cooling and peripherals innovator is releasing their first PC case project the Taku on crowdfunding website Kickstarter. The Taku, first announced and exhibited last summer, will also be shown during Computex 2017. The Taku has been in development for over 2 Years in house, with over 6 months of co-development with manufacturing partner Lian Li. The Taku Kickstarter campaign begins on May 29th and ends on July 28th. Besides offering backers the chance to be the first people to receive the Taku, backers are also offered multiple customization options only available on Kickstarter.
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    CRYORIG and NZXT Collaborate for World's First Software Controlled RGB Heatsink, the H7 Quad Lumi

    PC cooling and peripherals innovator CRYORIG announces their collaboration project with NZXT to deliver the world’s first software controlled RGB LED lighted heatsink, the H7 Quad Lumi. Based on CRYORIG’s award winning H7, the H7 Quad Lumi features an additional 6 mm high-end copper heatpipe, game changing Lumi lighting system as well as a new QF120 Balanced LED fan. Co-developed with NZXT, CRYORIG has managed to add a built-in RGB LED controller directly into the H7 Quad Lumi. Running on NZXT’s CAM, the H7 Quad Lumi is capable of adjusting dual channel LED lighting on the logo and base of the heatsink through CAM software and mobile phone app.
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    CRYORIG's Hybrid Liquid Coolers Hits Market This Week

    CRYORIG, PC cooling solution innovator releases the much speculated and also anticipated A Series of Hybrid Liquid Coolers. First unveiled during in June at Computex 2015, the CRYORIG A Series Hybrid Liquid Cooler or HLC has been under much speculation from the PC cooling market.
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    CRYORIG Releases the M9i/M9a

    PC thermal solution innovator CRYORIG releases the M9i and M9a, a compact tower cooling solution with 3 6mm heatpipes, True Copper Base and 92mm 2200rpm PWM fan.
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    CRYORIG Announces the C7 Ultra Compact Cooler

    PC thermal solution innovation brand CRYORIG is releasing a new addition to it’s C Series line up and also it’s smallest cooler to date, the C7 compact cooler.
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    CRYORIG Reveals the A Series of Hybrid Liquid Coolers, and IoT enabled PSU.

    02.06.15 Taipei, Taiwan – At this year’s Computex, CRYORIG is revealing the next generation of Hybrid Liquid Cooling (HLC) units and IoT enabled power supply units. CRYORIG’s new A Series A40, A40 Ultimate and A80 Hybrid Liquid Cooling units combines the strength of both Air Cooling and Liquid Cooling in an innovative package. CRYORIG’s Pi Series of Power Supply Units with IoT or Internet of Things capability, allows users to remotely control their PSU unit’s through phones apps.
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    CRYORIG Releases the H5 Ultimate.

    Based on the acclaimed H5 Universal, CRYORIG has extended the successful Hive Fin™ base H series line with the CRYORIG H5 Ultimate. The H5 Ultimate features the same award winning features as the original H5 Universal, but with a larger XF140 140mm fan and new jet black heatsink covers. The larger XF140 increases the H5 Ultimate’s TDP from 160 to 180watt, putting the proprietary Hive Fin™ system to work. Together with the acclaimed MultiSeg™ mounting system, the H5 Ultimate will be the strongest single tower solution CRYORIG has up to date.