Water Cooler with CD & CA series

PC cooling solutions manufacturer Cryorig is launching its new generation of liquid coolers, the CD40 CD60, in May 2024!

The CD series device adopts PWM pump and LCD programmable system. It is designed for the majority of water cooling enthusiasts. It can arrange the display frequency content according to their own preferences. 480X480 pixel resolution, more than 16.7 million colors, can be customized and personalized. Content, master real-time display of CPU/GPU temperature and other information.

The CA series uses an eighth-generation water pump and is equipped with an efficient three-phase motor to enhance cooling and achieve quieter operation to provide the ultimate heat dissipation performance. It has a magnetic top cover and a removable top cover to easily change the direction of the logo.

Pure Copper Chassis Enhance the heat dissipation rate by adopting knife-cut heatsinks with high-density channel which can increase the number of fins per unit and the high thickness ratio to enhance the heat exchange capability of the heatsinks. 

The CD series includes two high-performance CF120 PWM fans and 240mm radiator, and the other one, the CD series includes three high-performance CF120 PWM fans and 360mm radiator

  The CD series & CD series utilize PWM speed settings with ARGB light efficiency and durable FDB bearings. Equipped with a high efficiency 3-phase motor for enhanced cooling and quieter operation, the 27mm thick cooling fins utilize a high-density design to increase the contact surface between the water channel and the fins, allowing for efficient cooling fluid exchange and enhanced performance.

The CD40 & CD60 control software has a clear interface and is easy to operate. This comprehensive application allows you to instantly view the system's feedback information, providing excellent cooling performance and elevating the performance of the system chip to a higher level.