The C6 Twin-Tower Cooler

Cryorig places 6 heat pipes inside the fin modules, and with the support of an addressable, noiseless fan, you can push the cooling efficacy to extreme.
The C6 Twin-Tower Cooler was designed after Anemoi, the wind god in ancient Greek. The cooler directs a continuous flow of air to the fins, transmitting the CPU’s heat from pure copper base to high-efficacy heat pipes. With a tightly connected pressed fin heatsink, the heat can be transmitted through a wide cooling area, which cools down the system in a flash and reaches thermal equilibrium.

Strong compatibility Zero interference
We concentrate to make our cooling products reaching maximum compatibility in order to match with the mainstream CPU from Intel & AMD. Also, we provide various products to satisfy demands from different generations. Our users can easily upgrade their cooler without being limited by space.

Being lighter and cooler
The aluminum alloy 1050 fin tightly stacked with the heat pipes, and the multi-angle design provides an additional 25% of cooling surface area and a 15% increase on the heat exchange power. By utilizing Jet Fin Acceleration System™, the powerful twin-fins and 6 set of high-efficacy U-shape heat pipes will raise your console to another level beyond.

Distinctive shock absorbing
The fan and the fin are fixed together with buckles, which may cause resonance and noise. To eliminate this inconvenience, our R&D team use styrene-butadiene rubber(SBR) as shock absorbers for the fan. This flexible and antifragile material reduces the resonate between metal objects while the PWM fan generates a powerful airflow, which provides the whole structure a better combination.

A cosmic void-like experience
The C6 Twin-Tower Cooler is distinctive for its dark stellar appearance, silently shows its extraordinariness. Our R&D team uses a unique paint baking technique to transform the metal surface into a luster in galaxies. The deep dark surface also emphasizes C6’s powerful cooling power, devouring all the heat like a blackhole.